Cell Z

Flat Iron Building Investigation fallout

Where we left off:

Summer 2003:

Cells X and Z had been investigating the strange circumstances at the Flat Iron Building. After accessing the mysterious and frightening upper levels that only appeared at night, the agents managed to make it back out. An altercation erupted over the fact that Dr. Conner (the occult book store owner) still had possession of the strange doll she had found on the upper floors and was seemingly communicating with it. Agent Zeke attacked Dr. Conner. In the ensuing fray, Zeke shot Agent Xerxes, while Agent Xendra was also shot and tasered. Agents Zoe and Xander escaped the scene. Xerxes, Xendra, and Dr. Conner were taken into custody, but all later released without charge. Zeke also escaped, assaulted a priest at a nearby church, set it on fire, and then killed two police officers who attempted to apprehend her.

Agent Zed, who was not present, was called in by Alphonse for mop-up.

A manhunt for Zeke has so far failed to find him. He was last seen checking into a seedy motel, wearing bloodied priest clothing, and trailing blood. The desk clerk called the police, who quickly surrounded the building. Though a gun shot was heard from inside his room, when the SWAT team entered minutes later, there was no sign of him. Only bloodied clothing and a shot TV set were found in the room.

Xerxes was hospitalized for several days, and then put on disciplinary leave from his Secret Service job due to lying to the police (he originally failed to disclose and concealed prior professional relations with Agent Zeke). The circumstances of the shootout and his relation to Zeke remain under question. Given his status, Alphonse has deactivated Xerxes from active Delta Green duty and ordered all agents to cease association and communication with him.

At Alphonse’s direction, and Zed’s oversight, agents Zoe and Xander were placed in psychological counseling. Both have also come under scrutiny for their past associations with Zeke and the various deaths that occurred in the whole Enolsis cult situation. They are one small step away from serious disciplinary action.

Alphonse arranged for the Flat Iron Building to be placed under quarantine, originally using the cover story of an outbreak of some sort of hallucinogenic gas. This was quickly amended to the building housing a dangerous drug lab that had contaminated the building, followed by a demolition order. The building, and any secrets it held, are now gone. The residents who could be found were all committed to mental institutions.

From this point, we will be jumping several months, possibly almost a year ahead.

Past Missions
Previous Cell Z Ops

Cell Z has been involved in several previous Delta Green operations (listed most recent first):

Mysterious Deaths, Possible Terrorist Attack on Congressman

Suburban Chicago
  • Investigation into a number of strange deaths at an orgy involving a senator, a Blackwater official, and numerous other VIPs.
  • Cells Z and X tie the affair to mysterious crystals issued by the local chapter of the Enolsis Foundation. The chapter’s local leader, an ex-mercenary, is implicated.
  • Agents experience hostile contact with a unknown assassin apparently augmented with neo-tissue. This results in several high-profile gunfights and collateral casualties, putting the investigation under official review.
  • The Enolsis leader confronted and slain at a meeting at the Enolsis offices.
  • Both affairs are quietly covered up. The Senator’s involvement is kept out of the press.
  • Based on Cell Z’s and X’s reports, DG launches an investigation into Enolsis.

Serial Killer, Strange Past of Arthur Hunt

Chester, Illinois
  • As a follow-up to the Death valley affair, Cells Z and X sent to investigate Arthur Hunt’s history in southern Illinois and potential connections with a past serial killer there.
  • Cells masquerade as documentary crew to investigate Serpent Mounds.
  • Agents disturb the mounds, apparently triggering the awakening of several reptilian man-creatures buried there. These creatures attacked the nearby Star Crusade compound, where agents also engaged them. In the resulting chaos and battle, dozens of cult members were slain, several reptilian men were destroyed, and the cult farm was torched.
  • Agents managed to withdraw without official involvement.
  • Situation covered up as internal cult feud.
  • Agents recovered strange cone-shaped communication device from Hunt museum, sent it to A Cell for investigation.


Owlshead Mountain, Vermont
  • Cell Z sent to investigate disappearances on Owlshead Mt. and the potential resurgence of an unknown creature on Clastonbury Mt.
  • Owlshead disappearances determined to be due to a murderous mountain man named Cooter McGee, long thought dead. Though feral and deranged, Cooter appeared younger than should be, with strange regenerative abilities. Local Old Thomas reported witnessing a young Cooter communicating with the “winged ones” at the owlshead stone circle many decades ago.
  • DG friendlies Old Thomas (local Native American outdoorsman) and Drek Finn (Boston-based PI) killed in separate ambushes by Cooter. Both murders reported to police as unfortunate hiking accidents.
  • Cell Z successfully tracked down, shot, and decapitated Cooter. Though kept apart, the head and body later reanimated, with the head sprouting legs to walk. Both were incapacitated by Cell Z, then burnt. The remaining charred bones were sealed in buckets of concrete and stored in a Green Box in Burlington, VT.
  • Phenomen-X recorded video of Cooter’s attacks and his subsequent death and decapitation. These video tapes were magnetically erased, however. Still photos of the headless Cooter and a report on the mad murderous mountain man who was apprehended and slain by secret government agents are sent back to Phenomen-X offices in Chicago.
  • Evidence and measurements of large recent cloven footprints left by the creature on Clastonbury Mt. submitted to A-Cell.
  • Operation Black Flag called in on Clastonbury Mt. Four special operatives are sent in, gunfire and explosions are heard from a distance, but they are never heard from again.
  • The next day, government and military troops move in and seal off the area. According to official sources, they are securing the area where a military jet crashed.
  • Zeke acquired an audio recording of the Call Winged One ritual.
  • Former DG-friendly Deputy Warren harassed by Cell Z until he left town. Several days later, he committed suicide.


Death Valley, CA
  • Cell Z, based out of Bakersfield, CA, tasked with investigating murders in and around Hellbend.
  • Several potential DG friendlies, including Agent Brusso from Chicago, brought in from our-of-state.
  • Agents discovered an apparent time portal gateway under the ruins of Hunt Dynamics, successfully closed/destroyed it.
  • An altercation with unknown hostiles immediately afterwards led to an ongoing firefight. This was later framed as a cult hostage situation, with the cult blamed on the murders.
  • Agent Zeb, an FBI agent, and 4 civilian “cultists” killed; 8 civilian “hostages” wounded.
  • Agent Zack cited and dismissed from FBI for botching investigation and “hostage rescue operation.” Agent Zack deactivated by DG.
  • Participating FBI agents Brusso, Stark, and Richards inducted into Delta Green as Agents Zoe, Zeke, and Zed. Zeke and Zed are transferred to Chicago field office.
  • Cell Z agents acquired 5 functioning “lightning guns” from unknown hostiles.

Haunted House

Humboldt Park, Chicago
  • Pre Z Cell. DG used clandestine methods to direct several law enforcements officials to investigate a long history of murders and strange events at a house on Chicago’s near northwest side.
  • An FBI agent, a Chicago police officer, and a former Marine all killed in the house in an apparent 3 way murder/gunfight.
  • FBI Agent Amy Brusso, the only survivor, found unwounded but covered in blood several blocks away. No charges filed or disciplinary action taken, but incident placed on her record.
  • Brusso later inducted into DG as Agent Zoe. She developed a phobia of mirrored surfaces from this incident.
  • House placed under ongoing watch by DG. (Later, Cell Z discovered the property had been purchased by Stephen Alzis. Cell Z recovered a section of flooring marked with an Elder Sign and burnt down the house. Alzis has since had the house rebuilt.)

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