Cell Z

Flat Iron Building Investigation fallout

Where we left off:

Summer 2003:

Cells X and Z had been investigating the strange circumstances at the Flat Iron Building. After accessing the mysterious and frightening upper levels that only appeared at night, the agents managed to make it back out. An altercation erupted over the fact that Dr. Conner (the occult book store owner) still had possession of the strange doll she had found on the upper floors and was seemingly communicating with it. Agent Zeke attacked Dr. Conner. In the ensuing fray, Zeke shot Agent Xerxes, while Agent Xendra was also shot and tasered. Agents Zoe and Xander escaped the scene. Xerxes, Xendra, and Dr. Conner were taken into custody, but all later released without charge. Zeke also escaped, assaulted a priest at a nearby church, set it on fire, and then killed two police officers who attempted to apprehend her.

Agent Zed, who was not present, was called in by Alphonse for mop-up.

A manhunt for Zeke has so far failed to find him. He was last seen checking into a seedy motel, wearing bloodied priest clothing, and trailing blood. The desk clerk called the police, who quickly surrounded the building. Though a gun shot was heard from inside his room, when the SWAT team entered minutes later, there was no sign of him. Only bloodied clothing and a shot TV set were found in the room.

Xerxes was hospitalized for several days, and then put on disciplinary leave from his Secret Service job due to lying to the police (he originally failed to disclose and concealed prior professional relations with Agent Zeke). The circumstances of the shootout and his relation to Zeke remain under question. Given his status, Alphonse has deactivated Xerxes from active Delta Green duty and ordered all agents to cease association and communication with him.

At Alphonse’s direction, and Zed’s oversight, agents Zoe and Xander were placed in psychological counseling. Both have also come under scrutiny for their past associations with Zeke and the various deaths that occurred in the whole Enolsis cult situation. They are one small step away from serious disciplinary action.

Alphonse arranged for the Flat Iron Building to be placed under quarantine, originally using the cover story of an outbreak of some sort of hallucinogenic gas. This was quickly amended to the building housing a dangerous drug lab that had contaminated the building, followed by a demolition order. The building, and any secrets it held, are now gone. The residents who could be found were all committed to mental institutions.

From this point, we will be jumping several months, possibly almost a year ahead.



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